Feuille de chêne emballages



Oak Leaf is a packaging distributor and broker providing quality service at competitive pricing to the wine, beer and spirits industries. While our focus is on glass bottles, we provide sourcing options and technical expertise for most packaging needs.

Whether your business is planning the packaging of a new project or looking to reduce costs of an existing production, Oak Leaf will tap its network of suppliers or inventory to find the perfect solution for your project.

Oak Leaf holds various wine glass bottle models in stock in Toronto and Montreal.

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Courtier en emballages

Glass sourcing

– Stock Available Locally – 
– Large Network of Suppliers – 
– Competitive Pricing – 
– Quality Service – 
– Industry Knowledge –

Emballages personnalisés

Custom packaging

– Custom Bottle Design – 
– Screen Printed Bottles – 
– Branded corks –
– Branded Screw Caps –
– Polylam, Tin and PVC overcaps –

Emballages pour effervescents

Sparkling wine packaging

– Glass for Champagne, Cider, Charmat… –
 – Bidules – 
– Crown Caps – 
– Muselets –
– 0+2 Champagne Corks –